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“Ah jest don’t see how you can take a man who’s already a high school
graduate and start gradin’ how he talks,” said Buddy Emerson, a session
musician who has played behind Porter Wagoner and Minnie Pearl, among
others. “Ah think it’s un-American to make people speak good English.” : Residents Express Concern as Nashville Votes to Make English Official Language funny satire story

This is great! I have always been a bit leery of this new English speaking only bill that has come about. And then I find this article to point out the silliness of it all. The majority of the residents that are American born citizens barely speak proper English. Where do you draw the line?

Listening to people talk around here brings to mind listening to Boomhauer. I wouldn’t call his dialect a different language, however, I can’t understand it as if it were a different language. Is it the ‘Queen’s English’ that we must speak lest we be arrested for not speaking the proper English? If so, the public schools and parents have a lot of work cut out for them!

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