Close Encounters of the Country Kind


Saw this guy at a golf course country club thingy today.  The Elder Extroverted Holy One’s older brother and his wife, daugter and son are in town this week and we had brunch with them somewhere around Hendersonville.  This high-falutin’-collared-tucked-in-only-unless-it’s-designed-not-to-be-tucked-in-shirt-only place seemed a little out of the ordinary for William Lee Golden.  But then again I don’t know they guy at all.   He just didn’t blend in well with all of the other short haired yuppy, quite possibly replubican types that were browsing the pro shop.


**This post is dedicated to my mom.  A country music fan for whom I need to update with all my country music artist brushes with fame.  It makes her really jealous.**

3 thoughts on “Close Encounters of the Country Kind”

  1. Yes ,there still alive ive seen William Lee Golden in My home town of Brewton Al. Also his home town. REally do love to here The BOYS sing ive recently seen them on the Bill Gathier show tonight 6-19-07 they were great.I do know William Lee Owes me an autograph or a shirt ,one day about 2 years ago his mom had car trouble and i reconized her she was a block from my home so i called Mrs. Clayton a family member of William Lee and she came over to assisst as i put gas in Ms. Goldens car and she tried to pay me for my kindness i refused and before i new it i asked her to please get William Lee to drop me by an autograph or a shirt ,she said she be more than glad to, but i know hes a busy man .And now im in Enterprise Al. rebuilding tornado victims homes and i see Alan Jackson,Tracey Lawrence,George Jones because of all the realestate there building here,i hope they will see William Lee And tell him I said HOWDY and I love The Oak Ridge Boys.I do hope to meet William Lee one day.So if u see him tell him David Phillips from Enterprise Al.(Brewton Al.) said I would still like That autograph or shirt. God Bless!

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