The Future Looks Bright . . . Someone Cut That Light Off!

It’s looking more like I am getting the Director of Event Technology gig at the Marriott at Vanderbilt University. It seems like an exciting venture but there is a little more involved than just technology. I have to check in regularly with the hotel sales staff to get audio/visual leads, call these leads, meet with clients and generally be a real good audio/visual presence with hotel staff. Unfortunately, my technical background of 15 years or more is not enough because I can set up some mad a/v gear for a presentation and then gaff tape the hell out of some cables.

So, there is a bit of apprehension about the people thing. As the name of this blog suggests I am not much of a people person. I do alright, generally speaking. But that’s every once in awhile. And after a couple of beers. Dealing with people everyday might just drive me to drink.

. . . oh wait. I already do that. Nevermind, I guess I’ll be alright. For the most part. Must . . . stay . . . sober . . . at . . . work.

4 thoughts on “The Future Looks Bright . . . Someone Cut That Light Off!”

  1. I held down that gig for a year or so at Chez Bez’s property. You really only need the highest degree of people skills when your gear doesn’t work. Then the finesse is required to keep them happy, as I’m sure you know.

  2. Dude…

    So you got the gig, right? If so, congratulations!

    I’ve always speculated how my job might be better with some adult beverages stored in my desk…

    Next year, I’m bringing a mini-fridge to work. 🙂

    BTW, Colin is right (even though I may or may not know him)..I’ve seen you work with people. Even though it may stress you out a bit, you do very well.

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