I am Not Frightened by Some Ethereal, Supernatural Being

I have become a big fan of the show Ghost Hunters on the Sci-Fi Network. These two plumbers-by-day-ghost-hunters-by-night and their team are intriguing to me. I’m hooked on the possibility of maybe there being some footage of a glimpse of an apparition on video. I don’t know what it is about it but I’m addicted. My favorite episode is the St. Augustine Lighthouse. They all had some questionable personal experiences but seeing the footage and hearing the recordings has me a little convinced about otherworldly goings on.

Now they have a Ghost Hunters International show that airs on Wednesday nights. I thought it had some great potential especially with Europe’s history going a little farther back than ours. But I’ve been let down.  The two downers for me are Brian Harnois, whose most memorable quote is, “Did you see that?” and Barry Fitzgerald the drama queen of the show. And, yet, I still watch.  Now, I’m not saying I’d be spooked and see stuff or not want to continue a hunt but I wouldn’t do it in front of a camera to be shown on TV.

Lately, I’ve been checking out Paranormal State on A&E. I was slightly interested in the differences of their pseudo-scientific techniques between TAPS and PRS.  Other than being a little more dramatic it’s not too bad. But the Elder Extroverted Holy One and I were watching Paranormal State last night and they visited a woman and her husband who were experiencing hauntings in their condo that was once a schoolhouse. As Ryan was interviewing the woman I saw that she looked very familiar. All of a sudden it hit me! She’s on the GHI crew! What the heck?!? I’m not sure how one becomes a haunted victim to a haunted hunter but she’s done it. With tacky outfits to boot (ya gotta watch the show).

Other than having some spooky vibes at one point or another I’ve never really had a personal experience. That is until the EEHO and I were at our dear friend’s parents’ house in Black Mountain, NC. Their family is probably one of the oldest in the town. Sitting around their great room one night I smelled pipe smoke and then so did the EEHO and we both commented on it. My friend had said that they had a relative (I can’t remember which one) had long since passed but used to smoke a pipe. That was kind of neat . . . as long as it’s not in my house! I have enough problems dealing with the brown recluses!

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  1. Sorry, I know Brian rubs some people the wrong way, but he is the only one who will go after the ghost, not scream or run away. (Forget about Eastern State. It was a long time ago). Barry has potential if he can get himself under control. A lot of people don’t like Barry because he left the investigation in Ireland. Hopefully he’ll get better….Shannon is afraid of her own shadow and won’t be on the show much longer if she doesn’t get a backbone… Yes, I saw Paranormal State last night and I thought the same thing. Shannon was suppose to have been a paranormal investigator for 3 years. How does she show up on Paranormal State??? Shouldn’t she know what to do with a ghost since she was suppose to be the head of New England Paranormal (or something)? Something doesn’t add up.

  2. So yeah, my Dad smoked a pipe incessantly after he stopped smoking cigarettes (go figure!). BUT he always sat in one particular chair in the living room. He died in 1976. And mom and I continued to smell pipe smoke occasionally. Even to the day the house sold in 2001.

    : )

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