I can never get started. I have ideas of what to write about and on occasion I’ll write it down in my little moleskine so I don’t forget. But, then, I usually forget I wrote it down. I always have the notion to be disciplined about writing everyday. I wake up two hours earlier than I really need to just to have some of my precious introverted time which I could be using to throw something up on the screen. One of my problems, I believe, is that I read your blogs in my reader and thus, either, run out of time or lose my inspiration because you guys are much better writers than I.

My other problem is that I have a bit stage fright when it comes to people actually reading what I wrote. I really enjoy writing and I enjoy that you folk(s) actually read what I have to say even if it isn’t that important. But, it’s that inner critic or censor gets in the way of what little creativity or motivation I may have. I suppose it’s time to dust off my copy of The Artist’s Way and actually work through it this time. I started it almost ten years ago but never really worked through it.

I think that critic/censor won that round . . .