Are You On the List?

For the readers of this blog who are elsewhere in the states:
CoolPeopleCare‘s on a roll with 30 cities in 30 days.

Here’s where they’ll be:

June 1-Portland
June 2-Austin
June 3-Dallas
June 4-Fort Worth
June 5-Louisville
June 6-Phoenix
June 7-Baltimore
June 8-Charleston
June 9-Denver
June 10-Houston
June 11-Pittsburgh
June 12-Indianaplois
June 13-Seattle
June 14-San Francisco
June 15-Oakland
June 16-Berkeley
June 17-New York
June 18-Chicago
June 19-Charlottesville
June 20-New Orleans
June 21-Charlotte
June 22-Fort Lauderdale
June 23-Orlando
June 24-Tampa
June 25-Raleigh
June 26-Philadelphia
June 27-Lincoln
June 28-Detroit
June 29-Minneapolis
June 30-???

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