From the ‘Why Didn’t I Think of This’ File

Stephen Moseley over at CoolPeopleCare twittered his experiences of being a single parent for 36 hours. I am coming to the close of my time being a single parent and it is extremely hard especially when work and school is a factor. I would much rather have had the weekend to be the full-time daddy. Today, alone, I believe my head almost exploded three or four times. And that was just this morning getting ready to take the Young Extroverted One to work with me to get some things done before I took her to school.

Alright, the Elder Extroverted Holy One just called and said that she and the Bobblehead are leaving Montreat now. Hopefully, by the time I pick up the YEO we’ll be a complete family again. Single parents out there need some sort of huge award. Monetary in nature would be preferable.

Independence Day Ruminations

First things first, a little link love to and today’s email inbox gem:
5 minutes of caring

Be Independent

by Sam Davidson (Wednesday, July 4, 2007)

As you are probably aware, back in 1776, a group of folks got together and celebrated the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. You can also commemorate some other things today, such as:

If you want to celebrate today, make sure you do so wisely. Make today memorable as you enjoy your time off.

And now for something completely different:


Nothin’ says America like a blond woman with a shotgun in the front yard and an Amercan flag!

Are You On the List?

For the readers of this blog who are elsewhere in the states:
CoolPeopleCare‘s on a roll with 30 cities in 30 days.

Here’s where they’ll be:

June 1-Portland
June 2-Austin
June 3-Dallas
June 4-Fort Worth
June 5-Louisville
June 6-Phoenix
June 7-Baltimore
June 8-Charleston
June 9-Denver
June 10-Houston
June 11-Pittsburgh
June 12-Indianaplois
June 13-Seattle
June 14-San Francisco
June 15-Oakland
June 16-Berkeley
June 17-New York
June 18-Chicago
June 19-Charlottesville
June 20-New Orleans
June 21-Charlotte
June 22-Fort Lauderdale
June 23-Orlando
June 24-Tampa
June 25-Raleigh
June 26-Philadelphia
June 27-Lincoln
June 28-Detroit
June 29-Minneapolis
June 30-???