Traffic Rules Poll

This is just an informal poll but I wanted to know how many people really know what to do when confronted by a certain traffic opportunity.

When you come upon a blinking red traffic light what is one supposed to do? Same goes for a blinking yellow traffic light.

After a sufficient number of comments about what you think you should do in this situation I’ll post about my lovely experience as I drove into work this fine Saturday morning at 5:30AM.

9 thoughts on “Traffic Rules Poll”

  1. blinking red= same as a stop sign
    blinking yellow= proceed with caution (because people with blinking red may not be awake or sober enough to notice flashing traffic light)

  2. yeah…
    blinking red = stop
    blinking yellow = yield

    blinking red doesn’t necessarily mean 4-way stop. sometimes an intersection will have one direction blinking yellow and the other blinking red.

  3. blinking red = stop
    blinking yellow = close eyes and floor it; also, be ready to greet drivers who don’t stop for blinking red light with obscene gesture

  4. I see this almost every night after work (after 11 PM). I come to the blinking red with intention to turn right when traffic is clear. Another driver comes to what is his/her blinking yellow and stops…and waits…and waits some more…and finally makes his/her way through the light. And now I wait even longer b/c blinking yellow road now has considerable traffic coming through.

    Hope your story isn’t too bad.

  5. In Florida, Red means go faster than you would on yellow. Blinking Red means close you eyes because you can’t figure it out and go really really really fast. Blinking yellow means increase you speed because it may turn red any second. Now all these rules change if it is raining.

  6. My best friend from Miami always says “It’s a red light – not a force field…just go through it.” Thanks to “Dad” for validating and expanding on the Florida traffic light rules!

  7. Blinking red = treat as 4-way stop
    Blinking yellow = proceed through w/ caution. Unfortunately none of the idiots in GA know this and all treat as 4 way stop. This leads to the horn.

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