Squished that Thang Real Good

I’m not a violent guy.  In fact, I abhor pain.  Pain that would accompany a strong punch to the face or midsection.  Maybe that’s why I watch hockey but don’t play hockey.  But, when I see a Brown Recluse spider on my bathroom counter I conjure up all the rage that I can carry within in this sorta-hippie, peace-loving body of mine and squish that little sucker with such vengence I worry that I will crack the countertop and wake up my beautiful wife.

Traffic Rules Poll

This is just an informal poll but I wanted to know how many people really know what to do when confronted by a certain traffic opportunity.

When you come upon a blinking red traffic light what is one supposed to do? Same goes for a blinking yellow traffic light.

After a sufficient number of comments about what you think you should do in this situation I’ll post about my lovely experience as I drove into work this fine Saturday morning at 5:30AM.

Welcome to the ‘hood

Well, I guess we have now been initiated into the ‘East Nashville Victims Club’. My Pathfinder was broken into yesterday while we were up in Hendersonville visiting with the mother-in-law. She took the Young Extroverted One to see Ratatouille.

Upon returning to our house we drove up our driveway and pulled in behind my car. This is when we noticed that the driver’s side door was ajar. I have been known to leave doors open and stuff so, at first I wasn’t too concerned. But, I then remembered that I had not even been in that car all day. Crap!

Sure enough upon further investigation (with my trusty 90+ pound dog at my side) glove compartment was open, old receipts strewn about and my iTrip Auto GONE! AAARRRRGGHH! They did all of this under the watchfull eye of the Buddy Christ on my dashboard! buddyjesus.jpgEh, oh well. The radio was intact, my drawer full o’ change still full of change, the house untouched and the alarm still armed.

I admit it’s my fault that I didn’t lock the door. But, in order for someone to get to our backyard they have to walk up a shared driveway! The houses aren’t very far apart, mind you. Plus, after the deed they either have to jump a six foot high privacy fence or walk back down the shared driveway. That’s ballsy folks! At least, nobody was hurt (except the ability to listen to my iPod in the car) and I still have a CD player.

To whomever took my i Trip: I hope you’ll get a good price for it. I hope your short lived high was worth it and not tainted with some bad stuff. I’d like to believe that you needed to steal it so you could sell it and feed your baby. But, I’ve probably seen you on my street and you look like you don’t have a baby, or one you are feeding properly just so you can get high.

Independence Day Ruminations

First things first, a little link love to coolpeoplecare.org and today’s email inbox gem:
5 minutes of caring

Be Independent

by Sam Davidson (Wednesday, July 4, 2007)

As you are probably aware, back in 1776, a group of folks got together and celebrated the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. You can also commemorate some other things today, such as:

If you want to celebrate today, make sure you do so wisely. Make today memorable as you enjoy your time off.

And now for something completely different:


Nothin’ says America like a blond woman with a shotgun in the front yard and an Amercan flag!

Porch Swing Bliss

Last week I got the bug for some basic home improvement.  We have a lovely front porch on our house and for the longest time had a couple of folding chairs, a plastic picnic table (kid-sized) and several pint-sized . . . mmmmmmmm pint . . . chairs.  There were hooks already installed in the ceiling of the porch but they were of questionable descent.  So, after removing the old, scary hooks I realized that there was acceptable safety in what the hooks were installed in.

I ran to the home improvement store and picked up some eye-hooks, springs, quicklinks and a porch swing.  What a difference a porch swing makes!  We have sat upon that thing everyday since the installation.  The weather here is not oppressively hot yet so it has been enjoyable to be on our front porch.  With the occasional waves and “How ya doin’?”‘s with the people who live on our street it has been a different world.

Then there is the other side of front porch livin’.  We observe the traffic patterns on our street better from our perch.  It’s looking like there might be some drug/prostitution activity farther down on our street.  Ah, gotta love life in East Nashville.  We hope things might change for the better since we’re outside more.  And with the Young Extroverted One playing with the neighboor’s son there is more of a presence of children and family life.  Hopefully, a family with children will move in on the other side of our house to further encourage community.

In the meantime, Bosco (90 pound mixed breed of BIG ancestry) will be on the porch with us during this lovely stretch of weather.  It also won’t hurt to make a courtesy call to the East Precinct‘s non-emergency phone number.