Squished that Thang Real Good

I’m not a violent guy.  In fact, I abhor pain.  Pain that would accompany a strong punch to the face or midsection.  Maybe that’s why I watch hockey but don’t play hockey.  But, when I see a Brown Recluse spider on my bathroom counter I conjure up all the rage that I can carry within in this sorta-hippie, peace-loving body of mine and squish that little sucker with such vengence I worry that I will crack the countertop and wake up my beautiful wife.

3 thoughts on “Squished that Thang Real Good”

  1. Even though I’m a fraidy cat in regards to spiders, it’s become my obligation to kill them whenever one is spotted around here. It all started when Paige and I started dating. We were on the phone one night and she saw one on her wall. Being all brave and chivalrous for my newest crush, I drove the twenty minute drive across town to kill that one for her.

    I’m the spider-killing-man even though I’m screaming with fright on the inside as I lift the shoe over my head.

  2. That Spider is a child’ish of God as well! What’s next my friend, puppies and bunny rabbits?!?!?!? You need to watch Charlotte’s Web one more time!

    Hope you all are well.

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