‘The Man’ Keepin’ Me Down

On Mondays and Wednesdays I pick up the Young Extroverted One from school. It’s on Mondays, however, that I take her back to work with me. Mainly because the technician that works with me has prior obligations on Monday nights. So, after many weeks of the YEO hanging out in my office playing some sort of Diego game on my computer the director of food and beverage tells me yesterday that I can’t have the YEO on property any more. WTF?!? This is after the director of sales has seen her and talked to her many times with me in the break room. He even gave her a Vanderbilt teddy bear!?!? If that isn’t any sort of acceptance to her presence there I don’t know what is.

The YEO never gets in the way. She mostly stays in the office while I get done what I need to get done. This incident really got to me yesterday. I felt all defensive and grumpy and quite pissed. It made me miss working for the baby Jesus. At least, that’s what we called working for the Montreat Conference Center. Very family friendly and accepting of whatever needs working parents had. Plus, being non-profit, they couldn’t really pay enough for people to really afford extra child-care.

And that’s where I have a problem with this place. The hotel doesn’t really pay me it’s the AV company I work for. On top of that, I’m not even officially the director of AV. I’m just getting a dollar more than what I was getting when I was a rigger and that was only a dollar more than what I was getting as a technician. Which is just crazy considering I did things at certain elevations where I should have gotten paid a lot more than what I got. All that to say this, if I would be getting director pay then, maybe, I would be able to afford to keep the YEO in aftercare which costs extra.

2 thoughts on “‘The Man’ Keepin’ Me Down”

  1. Stoopid people! Lets riot! And yes, you do need to get back and work for the little baby Jesus, because we pretty much such at tech. Sorry to hear about the man bringing you down.

  2. Just start talking about corporate behavior, employer loyalty (ha!), and “family values” (most of the folks who run these companies ARE Republicans, right?) and I become nauseous.

    We have had the privilege of always working for Baby Jesus — whether in the church or faith-related non-profit worlds — and have had very kid-friendly places of work. Of course it is hard to tell the difference between some churches (and other Baby Jesus organizations) and “Corporate America” when it comes to the shape of “human resource” policies (just when did we humans become “resources,” by the way?). But as leaders of one of these workplaces, we are committed to making life with employees as “love your neighbor as yourself” as possible.

    All that to say, I hate that you’re bumping into the ugly butt of The Man. Maybe, as BRC wrote in his reply, that this is an affirmation of YOUR CALL to be working for the Baby Jesus rather than THE MAN. Oh, wait… I thought Baby Jesus IS “The Man” — Ah! I got it! “The Man” as we know it in Corporate America is actually “The Imposter Man” (aka TIM).

    So I hope your work with TIM is only temporary, and that you can survive life in the wilderness… Hang in there, friend!

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