Parental Angst

The Elder Extroverted Holy One and I are having our second child in a MONTH! Um, wow. Numero two-Oh. The parasite’s room isn’t even ready yet. Who are we kidding? That thing is probably going to sleep with us. I suppose it’s time to turn our room into one big mattress. Ooo, a padded room sounds even better! Geez, the EEHO doesn’t even have a real job. I sure don’t get paid like I have a real job. Where did I leave my Xanax? Maybe I’ll have to start making plasma donations on my way to work. There always seems to be a line there it must be somewhat profitable. That might have to be my second job, trading my precious bodily fluids for money. I don’t know how multiple child families do it when we can barely handle one very precocious, extroverted child. I think my head’s going to explode.  Where did I leave my beer?

4 thoughts on “Parental Angst”

  1. I think Michael Montgomery gave plasma throughout his college life. not enough to live off of, but apparently around $75 a week for giving twice. i would do it if there was a place closer than Nashville.

    Also, according to my personal experience of giving blood, you get drunk faster therefore saving even more money.

  2. I heard plasma donation hurts and takes a long time.

    I found that if you pester Montreat enough, they’ll send you an extra paycheck. Not sure if it would work for you, but you could pretend you did some consulting over the summer.

    On another note: my brother just moved to Nash, so next time I visit him we’re going out for a beer and some tunes. Belcher can come too.

  3. Donating plasma is fairly painless (chew gum otherwise it will leave a bad taste in your mouth) it does take at least two hours though. I gave plasma while I was in college…beer money ya know. Since I’ve given up beer, I no longer donate.

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