Reasons Why I Like Seeing Hockey Live and Not Football

In the Sommet Center, unlike LP Field, I can pay for my beer and soda with a credit/debit card. In the Sommet Center, unlike LP Field, there are more than two (yes, count ’em, TWO) ATMs in the joint should I need one. In the Sommet Center, unlike LP field, my daughter can see the action (unless she’s looking for Gnash) even if there is a grown up in front of her.

I am very grateful to my friends to give us the tickets to go see a game with them.  However, after the aforementioned experience I will never, ever buy tickets to see a football game at LP Field.

I’m from Wisconsin! Who Do You Think I’m Going to Cheer For?

I’m more of a hockey guy, but, tonight I am going to bask in the greatness that is the Green Bay Packers as they take on the Tennessee Titans in their last preseason game! I’m not big on preseason games but this is the only chance that this Wisconsin-boy can see his team of the homeland.

Heck, the last time I vaguely remember seeing the Packers play was back when I was little and they played at Milwaukee County Stadium.  All I remember is that it was very cold and my mom saw some dude dancing naked on top of an RV after the game.  Must’ve been a good game! I don’t even remember the year.


Must have started drinking earlier than usual on the day of the game.