Super Stormy Tuesday

Crazy bad storms roared through Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky last night. Luckily, those of us in the Nashville area seemed to fare the storm pretty well.  I stayed up late (after an exceptionally long day at work) tracking the storm activity instead of keeping up with the primary results and the Predator/Hurricanes game on Versus.

While I was at work I set up to record the hockey game on my DVR. DirecTV is so cool for adding that feature. I AM UNSTOPPABLE!!! Unless, of course it’s overridden by the ladies at the house.

I was watching the storm coverage on WTVF (don’t meteorologists take some sort of glee in dangerously active weather?) confident that I wouldn’t miss the game of two of my favorites going head-to-head.  All of a sudden right after the first super cell barreled through downtown they take a call from a former employee who is at the Sommet Center. As he is on the phone he describes the actions taken by the staff at the arena and mentions the outcome of the game!?! Hello? Gimme a spoiler alert warning for Pete’s sake! I know you’re stressed out but come on. . .

I suppose I’m the kind of guy that once he hears the outcome of a game that he is taping he no longer has interest in watching that game. Even if it turns out to be good contest. For me, it’s kind of like watching the movie ‘Titanic.’  I know the thing is going to sink so what’s the point?

Reasons Why I Like Seeing Hockey Live and Not Football

In the Sommet Center, unlike LP Field, I can pay for my beer and soda with a credit/debit card. In the Sommet Center, unlike LP Field, there are more than two (yes, count ’em, TWO) ATMs in the joint should I need one. In the Sommet Center, unlike LP field, my daughter can see the action (unless she’s looking for Gnash) even if there is a grown up in front of her.

I am very grateful to my friends to give us the tickets to go see a game with them.  However, after the aforementioned experience I will never, ever buy tickets to see a football game at LP Field.