Went to the Music City Brewer’s Fest on Saturday.

Mmmmm. . . beeeeer. . .

Mmmmm. . . humidity . . . ugh.

Lots of great brews, including my all-time favs The Highland Brewing Company.  I hovered around their booth for a little while but figured I should branch out.  I would write about my impressions of all the different beers that I tried that day but I can’t really remember.  I must have drunk too many good ones.  The heat is really the only thing that I can remember.  Oooof.

I do remember that I missed having a little water to rinse out my cup at each booth.  You should be able to wash out the remnants of the prior beer before you tried a new one.  I feel that I didn’t get a good representation of taste because they were really all mixed together.  Oh well.  This was my first time away from my favorite brewer’s fest, the Brewgrass Festival, and maybe they don’t offer that everywhere.  At least it gave me a hint of beers that I’ll try to find the next time I’m at Midtown Wine and Spirits.

I did a lot of comparisons between the Music City Brewer’s Fest and the Brewgrass Festival.  My apologies to my partner in brew, I  sounded like a guy talking about his old girlfriend that just dumped him.  I must have sounded like such a putz (no real connection for this link I just love the name of this company)(a shout out to my buddy Mountain Kilter).

On the subject of beers and festivals, walking around amongst the throng of amatuer and professional beer drinkers in downtown Nashville in the humidity I came to realize that I really love to listen to bluegrass drinking fine brews in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Here I am talking about my old girlfriend again.  So sorry.

Sigh . . . well, the introvert/extrovert clan may have to take a trip come September 22 to Asheville, NC.

8 thoughts on “B-double-E-double-R-U-N”

  1. Great title. I love Todd Snider, too.

    Asheville, Black Mountain, and Montreat all sing in harmony when calling me her way. I plan to take my family there someday. And who knows? We just might stay. 😉


  2. Gaelic Ale…it’s been awhile since I had that…or any other beers from that company.

    There is a local brewer out year called Four Peaks that make a beer called “Kiltlifter.”

    It’s lager and while good, it pales in comparison.

    Now, I’m thirsty.

  3. Hey, we were there, thought it was great!! Where theres beer its always great.
    Met a lot of great people looking for beer and fun. It was warm, but you’ll have that in the south ,in July. We were lucky it was’nt raining all day. We will be at the Chattanooga fest.Look us up .Our homebrew is much better than what they served at the fest. It was all too heavy and too hoppy for the warm weather.
    The only lite beer we found was at the Ky. booth. You were right about them not having enough water to clens the palate
    Cheers and have a great day.
    BootLager Beer Kits Inc. Crappie Hollow Ky.

  4. Bluegrass, mountains and Highland beer…yum…sounds like my wedding…let’s see if we can get Niles’ mom to throw that party every year!

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