It Wasn’t You, It Was Me . . .

Um . . . hello? Hi, NHL? Um . . . this is awkward. . . Hi, it’s ESPN. I know you’re mad, but please hear me out. I . . .uh . . . I want you back.

One Fan’s Perspective…: ESPN Wants Hockey Back

Thanks to Kukla’s Korner, we learn that ESPN is talking with the NHL to bring hockey back to one of its channels. How nice. The ESPN family of networks left their relationship with the NHL because they could not justify programming a league with an undetermined period of possible inactivity. When the lockout concluded, they still didn’t want the NHL or its programming back and Versus (then OLN), picked up the ball…er puck…and ran…um skated away with it.

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I guess since the NHL doesn’t have a blemish on their sport (YET) ESPN would like to start pushing it again? Very interesting.

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4 thoughts on “It Wasn’t You, It Was Me . . .”

  1. Your headline is funnier!

    Reading the other hockey blogs, it seems that there is a 50% split of those that desperately want the ESPN Family of Dysfunctional Networks back and those that take my side and deride ESPN for trying to come back in.

  2. Deride ESPN for trying to come back in?
    ESPN is the juggernaut of sports TV. The NHL couldn’t get any further outside without dropping a national contract entirely.

    The rest of my thoughts here

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