Printing Woes

After dealing with printing frustration this morning as the Elder Extroverted Holy One tried to print an assignment I have made the decision to get a new printer.  I have only experienced this problem on a few occasions.  EEHO, on the other hand, seems to have daily problems with this thing.  I’ve always, absently dismissed her complaints with a wave of the hand and a trip up the stairs.  This morning was the paper jam/ink stain/malfunction that broke the camel’s back!  I had visions of seeing how far it would fly out of the second story window!

We’re going laser!  And networked!  The current piece o’ crap wasn’t networkable so I had to share it through my iMac.  When the iMac was asleep the printer was incommunicado.  Back upstairs to wake the old guy (maybe that’s why I’ve been moved upstairs . . . to get some excercise!) so she can print.  NO MORE!  We are getting a networkable laser printer so I go upstairs when I want to not when the printer is being stupid.

Take that Epson Stylus photo 825!