“God Bless Us Everyone.”

I’m a gadget guy. I would love to have all the new stuff that’s out. I want an iPhone, the latest iMac, even a MacBook Pro just for kicks, a sweet slr digital camera, a flat-panel HDTV. Luckily, I can’t afford that stuff or I’d be consumed by my consumerism. Instead I have exactly what I need: snuggles from my five-year-old and six-day-old daughters and my beautiful bride on a cold night, a big ole dog in my lap on the couch, and family (blood, married-into and adopted friends who are now family) near and far who I love and love me. You can’t get that kind of warmth from the glow of a 60″ LCDTV (even though I would probably try).

Merry Christmas everyone!

Printing Woes

After dealing with printing frustration this morning as the Elder Extroverted Holy One tried to print an assignment I have made the decision to get a new printer.  I have only experienced this problem on a few occasions.  EEHO, on the other hand, seems to have daily problems with this thing.  I’ve always, absently dismissed her complaints with a wave of the hand and a trip up the stairs.  This morning was the paper jam/ink stain/malfunction that broke the camel’s back!  I had visions of seeing how far it would fly out of the second story window!

We’re going laser!  And networked!  The current piece o’ crap wasn’t networkable so I had to share it through my iMac.  When the iMac was asleep the printer was incommunicado.  Back upstairs to wake the old guy (maybe that’s why I’ve been moved upstairs . . . to get some excercise!) so she can print.  NO MORE!  We are getting a networkable laser printer so I go upstairs when I want to not when the printer is being stupid.

Take that Epson Stylus photo 825!

This Guy Deserves the Nobel Prize!

This is awesome!  For more information on the genius AND the launcher go to beerlauncher.com .  Definitely go there because this is an unauthorized video on YouTube.  The real video is here.  Apparently, WordPress won’t allow embedding video from this site so I had to go a different route to share with you.

It’s okay.  I’ll take the heat.  All in the name of science, beer and laziness.


mmmmm . . . tooools . . .

This is going to sound a little funny, especially after that last post, but I love tools. I know, it sounds manly and macho. I have always been into gadgets (even though I can’t afford them) and I think tools fall into that realm.

Mac Tools is in the Gaylord Opryland this weekend and I went down to the exhibit hall the other day. I saw all of their tool boxes and tool accessories in all of their diamond plated grandeur. Mac Tools definitely has some corporate drone thing going on because when I was climbing around in the Delta Ballroom ceiling the other day I was being brainwashed by their rehearsal sounds of team and we’re going to win. Is this some sort of Amway scam for boys and their tools?