YEO’s Hockey Saga

The Young Extroverted One is doing very well at her G.O.A.L. hockey clinic. She is in her third week and starting to skate like a pro. Well, as professionally as a five year old can. If it were me and I had a week inbetween sessions I would be starting from scratch every week. Meaning I would be picking myself up off of the ice a lot. I would need to practice every day to get to the point where she is right now.

Week one: she was falling non-stop even with the walker-thingy. Week two: less falling and better with the walker (or should it be called a skater?). The instructors also showed the kids how to get up from the ice. Which seems very difficult and was for the YEO. Week three: “skating” without the skater, a puck handling skill session with Terry Crisp and a little better at getting up from a fallen position.

Being on the other side of the glass I have found it very difficult to watch my child fall or be knocked accidentally over by others. I have found that I need to peel my face off of the glass after such incidents. I just want to be there to hold her hand and push other kids away that might even look like they’re going to knock her over. It wouldn’t be that helpful considering I would probably knock her down because I can’t skate. Plus, she is handling this all much better than I am and keeps trying her hardest to get back up. We constantly reference the  Superchick song, “Get Up.”


Talking with Terry Crisp after the session he told me that she corrected him because he was saying her name wrong. Um, YEO? Yeah . . . hey. Um, that’s Terry Crisp. He played center for the Bruins, Blues, Islanders and Flyers. He was an assistant coach for the Flyers and the head coach for the Flames and Lightning. He won TWO Stanley Cups with the Flyers and won a cup as the Flames’ coach. As far as I’m concerned he can call you, me, anyone whatever he wants. Mkay?

Songs to grow a tree huggin’, peace lovin’, pro choicen, gay weddin’, skin color-blinded, conspiracy-minded, protestor of corporate greed* gamma girl

I believe the following list of songs grew out of hearing the Young Extroverted One sing along with the chorus of Todd Snider’s “You Got Away With It.” Call it indoctrination of certain progressive ideals, call it brainwashing, call it what you will. The YEO is a very cool four-year-old and I’d like to say it’s all because of her wonderful parents. But, it could be what we listen to as well.

We do love our music and the YEO has been hearing it since she was a little parasite within the womb of the Elder Extroverted Holy One. I guess it’s only natural that she has had a certain groove (musically and socio-politically).

So, enjoy . . .(in no particular order):

  1. Siyahamba Dan Zanes Night Time!
  2. The Sharing Song Jack Johnson Sing-a-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George
  3. Shed A Little Light James Taylor New Moon Shine
  4. Hello Bonjour Michael Franti & Spearhead Yell Fire
  5. Anthem Superchick Beauty From Pain
  6. Conservative, Christian, Right-Wing Republican Todd Snider East Nashville Skyline*
  7. You Got Away With It (A Tale of Two Fraternity Brothers) Todd Snider The Devil You Know
  8. I Love Tom T. Hall Country Songs for Children
  9. I Look, I See Yusuf Islam I Look I See
  10. Give a Little Love Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers Time Has Come-The Best of Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers
  11. Sing Children Of The World Yusuf Islam I Look I See
  12. Your Mother Yusuf Islam I Look I See
  13. My Own Two Hands Ben Harper & Jack Johnson Sing-a-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George
  14. Free to Be… You and Me Marlo Thomas & Friends & The New Seekers Free to Be… You and Me
  15. Parents Are People Marlo Thomas & Friends & Harry Belafonte Free to Be… You and Me
  16. Housework Marlo Thomas & Friends & Carol Channing Free to Be… You and Me
  17. It’s Alright to Cry Marlo Thomas & Friends & Rosy Grier Free to Be… You and Me
  18. Stick to the Status Quo Martha Cox, Ryan, Sharpay & Zach High School Musical
  19. Peace Train Yusuf Islam Footsteps In the Light
  20. I Can Be Your Friend The O.C. Supertones Veggie Tales: Veggie Rocks!
  21. If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out Cat Stevens Gold
  22. A Song of Peace David LaMotte This Is My Song
  23. We Are Each Other’s Angels David LaMotte This Is My Song
  24. Love Is My Religion (Acoustic) Ziggy Marley Love Is My Religion
  25. Shalom Salaam Ziggy Marley Dragonfly

The majority of the songs in this list is available on the iTunes Music Store. If you’d like what you see go buy it and support these artists. Or comment below and we can discuss how wrong it is to steal music from big corporate monster record labels.