Showin’ Some Brotherly Love

My brother, who lives somewhere out in a desert in Arizona, has a hockey blog. It’s rather Phoenix Coyotes heavy but what do you expect? He lives out there and supports the home team. If he lived here in Nashville he’d be writing wonderful Predators related pieces.

This particular post seemed to resonate with me because I think there are certain parts of it that relate to our home team. Especially with the unloading of some players and not being able to hang on to others that are free agents.

So, here are a couple of excerpts from my bro (go read the rest here):

One Fan’s Perspective…

. . . this hockey club will look vastly different come September
when training camp approaches. As I have written before, balanced
hockey clubs are important. Learning to win is difficult and struggling
to win can be even worse.

The positive side to the lack of a veteran presence, or to the lack
of a good veteran presence (those that will lead the right way and not
look to the plethora of golf courses we have here and not look to
retire), is that the coaching staff can teach good habits as the young
players will not have any preconceived notion of how to play NHL hockey.


I just want the organization to put a team on the ice that will be competitive. My expectations are not the playoffs.


I may disagree with the last sentence. As far as I’m concerned, always expect the playoffs. But, that may be the reason I cry a lot during the post-season.

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5 thoughts on “Showin’ Some Brotherly Love”

  1. and being from Wisconsin there are other requirements:

    affection to a adult style beverage and dairy products. Oh, and the Green Bay Packers too.

    BTW, with my low expectations, I am just being realistic with the playoffs (being last in the conference last year) and with the total lack of free agent movement out here…

    It shapes up to be another long season as well.

    If I lived there, I’d be writing about the Predators, no doubt.

  2. mmmmmm . . . beeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr

    mmmmmm . . . cheeeeeeeeeeeeesssssse

    And not to forget this one:
    mmmmmm . . . braaaaaaatwurrrrrrrsssst

    damn, now I’m hungry AND thirsty! (and with that ‘damn’ I’m now probably PG-13)

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