Showin’ Some Brotherly Love

My brother, who lives somewhere out in a desert in Arizona, has a hockey blog. It’s rather Phoenix Coyotes heavy but what do you expect? He lives out there and supports the home team. If he lived here in Nashville he’d be writing wonderful Predators related pieces.

This particular post seemed to resonate with me because I think there are certain parts of it that relate to our home team. Especially with the unloading of some players and not being able to hang on to others that are free agents.

So, here are a couple of excerpts from my bro (go read the rest here):

One Fan’s Perspective…

. . . this hockey club will look vastly different come September
when training camp approaches. As I have written before, balanced
hockey clubs are important. Learning to win is difficult and struggling
to win can be even worse.

The positive side to the lack of a veteran presence, or to the lack
of a good veteran presence (those that will lead the right way and not
look to the plethora of golf courses we have here and not look to
retire), is that the coaching staff can teach good habits as the young
players will not have any preconceived notion of how to play NHL hockey.


I just want the organization to put a team on the ice that will be competitive. My expectations are not the playoffs.


I may disagree with the last sentence. As far as I’m concerned, always expect the playoffs. But, that may be the reason I cry a lot during the post-season.

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The Unloading Begins . . .

Flyers swap picks for rights to Hartnell, Timonen                                        Phil Coffey | Editorial Director

Philadelphia acquired forward Scott Hartnell and defenseman Kimmo Timonen from the Nashville Predators in exchange for the 2007 first-round pick, No. 23, the Predators had sent to the Flyers in exchange for Peter Forsberg.

Both Hartnell, 25, and Timonen, 32,are two of the most anticipated unrestricted free agents expected to hit the market on July 1, but if things fall into place for the Flyers, they will have staged an impressive preemptive strike.

I guess that’s all David Poile can do with an uncertain budget and ownership.  It makes me sad but if I had the money I would STILL buy season tickets.  So there!